In present scenario, it’s almost next to impossible to live without our smartphones. But we can’t use it at some specific timings especially when we’re driving. It’s obvious when you are in motion then your full focus must be driving safely because handling call from one hand and driving from the other will not only risk your own life but of the others too. You are also risking your fragile device of breaking into two pieces and nobody wants such a massive loss.

It’s also against the law to talk on the phone while driving a vehicle and you will be penalised for doing this. In many cases, we got an important business call while driving which we can’t ignore, we only left with the option of attending it but due to absence of the car phone mount in our vehicles, the traffic police caught us red-handed and we emptied our pockets to pay the fine.

There are many benefits of car phone holder likewise you can have distraction free driving. For instance, you can easily make and take urgent calls without having to remove your cell phone from the cell phone holder and you will be less prone to road accidents.

Another benefit is usage of GPS while navigation. We can easily search the directions of the places which we are not aware of but it is tough to keep picking up the phone and looking at the directions while driving. A cell phone mount makes your task simpler. Just switch on the GPS, type where you want to go, mount the device and you are set to go. It makes you to search for the directions in a hassle-free way.

EXOGEAR are primarily into making of car mounting devices. The holders are compact, easy to use and no installation is required in setting up. We have the world’s best suction technology that ensures your phone a very strong and safe hold even in dismay road conditions. It guarantees the safety of your delicate and expensive device. We offer the best quality holders which will not left any sticky residue behind that can damage your vehicles and befits into any surface.

If in case, you find the car mount not what have you have expected then you can return us easily as we have unconditional money back guarantee and we believe that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

So, buy your car mount today and enjoy a distraction free and safe driving and for the device protection it’s a must to choose an apt car phone holder.


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